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Wir sind ständig auf der Suche nach talentierten Mitarbeitern, die uns helfen, großartige Kundenerlebnisse zu liefern. Wenn Sie das Gefühl haben, dass Sie zu uns passen, schreiben Sie uns eine Nachricht.

Marketing as a service for ambitious brands

Marketing now is so spread you need an army of experts to run a brand properly. While having an internal team is always important, a ported hub with experts working under one roof is easier to scale and maintain. Our staff is constantly trained on the latest trends and will be a turn key solution for any marketing challenges.

Finances & Accounting

Managing expenses, purchases to pay and your ledger in Xero, Bexio and QuickBooks

Administrative Assistants

Managing your administrative tasks from meeting management to repetitive actions

Human Resources

Managing recruitments, compensation & benefits, as well as training and development

Legal Affairs

Acting as your legal affairs department to review contracts and compliance with codes

Office Management

Managing your offices worldwide especially needed if they are opened as a hot-desks

Data Privacy Office

Acting as your DPO to ensure GDPR compliance in Europe but also worldwide



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