English-Russian Translation for Mining and Geological Exploration Industry

English-Russian Translation for Mining and Geological Exploration Industry
February 7, 2017

Mining is one of the largest sectors of the economy being the main source of national income in many countries. Mining companies often purchase exploration and development licenses to establish operating branches in foreign countries. In many cases, a successful operation in a foreign country requires translation for certain type of business, legal and technical documents.

The mining industry is rapidly developing in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries: the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and CIS.

Russia is one of the leading producers of mineral resources in the world. It produces 20% of the total nickel and cobalt and about 5% to 7% of the overall iron ore and coal production in the world. In addition, it is also a major producer of diamonds, platinum group metals, potassium salts, non-ferrous metals, steel, gold, tungsten, tin, bauxite and silicon. Aluminum and other metals in a raw form account for about 65% of the total Russian exports.

Who may need to outsource translation services for mining and exploration industry

Many companies working in the field of mining and exploration have in-house translation teams, however, in certain cases, this option is not feasible due to a seasonal nature of operations (e.g. summer period for high-mountain deposits) when there is no need for translation services.

Another situation can happen during a reporting or design development period when the in-house team can be overwhelmed with translation tasks. Outsourcing the excessive amount of translations to independent translator can be a perfect solution in this case.

In fact, mining and exploration companies are not the only types of enterprises in the industry who may need translation services. Below you can find the examples of companies who may need English-Russian translation:

Foreign Mining Companies Operating in the Russian-speaking Countries

There are hundreds of mining companies operating in the Russian-speaking countries. Depending on the local legislation on foreign labor quote, they have to hire a certain share of local employees. In many cases, local employees do not know the English language or their language skills is insufficient to prepare documents at a decent level of quality. Moreover, not every bilingual person can translate since a specialized translation is a complex intellectual process that requires not only language skills, years of education and long-term experience, but also the knowledge of terminology and understating of the processes. Therefore, professional technical translator shall be an indispensable part of a company with employees speaking in different languages.

Mining, Drilling and Blasting Equipment Manufacturers

Another group of companies that might need English-Russian translation includes mining, drilling and blasting equipment manufacturers willing to sell or already selling their products in the Russian-speaking countries. In this case, the scope of translation work will cover equipment manuals, specifications, sales and delivery contracts, customs documents, material safety data sheets for blasting and other materials, etc.

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