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Tobaritch! from the original Russian name Toварищ!™ is the Premium Vodka by excellence, a five times distilled authentic vodka from Russia. One of the main strength of Tobaritch! Premium Russian Vodka is its combination of high quality 100% organic product and the price positioning among the low-premium vodkas.


With a strong "soviet" like branding, the team desired a website design that connects well with the value of the product. Making it different in few seconds, the creative staff was challenged by both the nature of the brand, and the challenge of finding an equilibrium.


Keeping the strong red as a guideline, we blended the product in situations that can resonate with the audience, adding a bit of fun sometimes for people really looking into the details, but most importantly explaining the "why" Tovaritch! vodkas are different.


A new website and design concept to support the new campaign initiated with a spanish agency. The approach helped remain agile, focusing on the roots of the concept and extending it with the power of digital channels.


Budget with 6% deviation

7 weeks

Planning initial of 6 weeks


Quality with 1 incident

I will not hesitate to give them 5 Stars. everything started to go up really quickly and then speed went down a little bit and then started going up in crazy speed.

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