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Agile as a service to better deliver value for brands

Our program managers are the heart of our operations, coordinating complex jobs into one end deliverable. When your team gets bigger and with multiple disciplines, our staff can not only make sure your timing, budget and quality specifications are met, but also continuously optimise your existing solution. They are also in charge of the people management, sourcing the best talents for the job.

Agile Management

We use Kaizen/6sigma lean methods to ensure alignement as well as Scrum for technological projects

Quality Insurance

Strong protocols supported by automated testing platforms, ensuring your products is good to go

Business Analysis

Ensuring the budget is defined according to your requirements and aligned with the reality ahead

Sourcing Resources

Our team works with our staffing business unit to provide you with the best talents out there

People Management

Developing talents, ensuring the team is functional and the dynamic is there to support your business

Hub Management

For corporate customers, we manage your entire offices for you in the city of your choice

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