Multichannel Translations

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We are constantly looking for talented individuals to help us deliver great customer experiences. If you feel you are a match, drop us a line.

Breaking languages and cultural walls

Our network of translators are freelancers ready to translate and work for your brand. With a coverage of more than 40 languages, we can easily roll-out global programs in various channels, and ensuring a launch to be successful. 

Professional Translations

Industry specific translations with a high commitment on quality and timing, in more than 40 languages

Community Management

Managing your entering and outgoing social media activities in multiple languages

Customer Management & Support Services

While you extend your footprint, your Pupsic team manages the last mile with your customers

Digital Localisations

Our staff is expert in ensuring digital channels are properly localised according to local rules

Realtime translations

For webinars and live events our team of interpretor will help you understand and interact

Search Engine Optimisation

Developing SEO content for various markets and languages, to conquer new traffic and visitors

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