A Marketer's Guide To Video Codecs

Streaming is ubiquitous. From from services like Netflix to user-generated content on YouTube, we’re all streaming video online. As customers are consuming more video content, video marketing has become an integral part of marketing strategies. All of this is made possible by codecs.

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One Year in, 30% of Neeva Users are Annual Subscribers

In the fall of 2018, Sridhar Ramaswamy decided to quit his nearly 16-year stint at Google where he worked on monetizing data for Google’s ad business. Towards the end, Ramaswamy wanted to create a “different and much better product,” he said. Three years later, privacy-centric search engine Neeva came into existence. Founded by Ramaswamy and…

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Developing a Long-Term NFT Vision

Considering launching an NFT? Wondering how to develop a long-term vision that will actually work? In this article, you’ll find out the three major elements of a successful long-term NFT project and key things to keep in mind when developing your strategy. Why Do NFT Projects Fail? Before we begin listing all of the things […]
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Is the future of work hybrid?

SPONSORED JOBS: If you’ve been reading rumblings about great reshuffles and even greater resignations in the workplace, they’re definitely happening — 43% of workers are looking to change jobs this year. A recent Accenture study found that following the pandemic, many workers have realized that with the right resources, they can be productive anywhere. Often they find […]

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14 Instagram Post Ideas for Business

Are you struggling to come up with Instagram content that aligns with your business goals? Looking for a way to create more engagement? In this article, you’ll discover 14 ideas you can put to work today to grow your audience and sales with Instagram. #1: Break Up Long Educational Posts With Carousels Instagram is the […]
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Marketing Is Powered by Our People, not Just Our Data

Marketing has played a role in society for as long as there have been messages to deliver. What started as purely creative art has been shaped by social change, economic cycles and disruptive technologies. Successful marketers today are backing up their creativity with a deep understanding of these dynamic, rapidly evolving forces and harnessing new…

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How Brands Can Support a Woman’s Right to Choose

Once news of a leaked Supreme Court brief overturning Roe v. Wade came out at the beginning of the week, brand reactions have been swift, and even surprising. Axios reported companies including Citi, Apple, Yelp and Amazon said they would pay for employees to travel to access abortion care when they need to. Announcements like…

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Brands Should Be Obsessed With the Future. So Why Aren’t They?

Humans have a built-in flaw: They have difficulty imagining their “future selves.” A recent study from the University of California highlighted that, when participants were asked to imagine their future self, MRI scans showed the exact same synapses fire as when those same participants were asked to envisage German politician Angela Merkel. Because they are…


How to scale the power of AI simulation

From digital twins that provide insights into current performance to advanced simulation intelligence that evaluates future scenarios, organizations in nearly every industry are taking advantage of the evolution of AI simulation to speed up operations, reduce risk and boost better decision-making. 

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Are CMOs Confident in Their Data Strategy? It’s Complicated

As the ad industry races toward a cookieless future where first-party data will be the guiding light for marketers, several new studies have offered insights into how chief marketing officers are struggling with their data and measurement strategies. In a global study from measurement firm Nielsen published in April, 69% of 2,000 senior marketers agreed…

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23 Brands, Including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Britvic, Pledge to Improve Influencer Diversity and Pay

Major brands such as L’Oreal, PepsiCo, Heineken and Coca-Cola are backing a marketing code of conduct, which has been updated to focus on improving diversity and inclusion around influencer contracts, with 23 brands and 13 talent agencies all involved. Membership body ISBA’s dedicated working group to the influencer sector has revised its Influencer Marketing Code…

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Why Influencer Agency Fanbytes Sold to Brainlabs

Over the next three years, the influencer market is set to grow and generate $2.85 billion making it one of the most in-demand digital marketing solutions brands are seeking to tap into. This has led media agency Brainlabs to acquire influencer marketing agency Fanbytes as it aims to strengthen its client engagement offer across platforms…

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Meta Adds New Capabilities to Its Spark AR Platform

Meta’s Spark AR platform added new capabilities this week for creators using it to craft augmented reality effects across Instagram and other surfaces. The company said the new releases can be combined with hand and body tracking, which debuted last November, to help creators build more immersive, realistic AR experiences. The updates introduced this week…

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The Origin Story of Ukraine’s Creative Industry

The following article is from Adweek’s special issue “On Ukraine, by Ukrainians,” published April 25, 2022, and created entirely by Ukrainian writers, editors and artists amid the ongoing all-out war in their homeland. Aug. 24, 1991. The Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic declared the independence of Ukraine. After the soviet dictatorship, Ukraine–an…

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How to Understand—and Fall in Love With—Ukrainian Culture

The following article is from Adweek’s special issue “On Ukraine, by Ukrainians,” published April 25, 2022, and created entirely by Ukrainian writers, editors and artists amid the ongoing all-out war in their homeland. For centuries, Ukrainian culture existed not due to historical context but despite it. Oppression by neighboring states led to its fight for…

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5 Ways Brands Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

From forest fires to floods, climate change continues to accelerate. Consumers’ need for environmental commitments from businesses is essential now more than ever. A 2019 survey by Hotwire states that 47% of global internet users have ditched products and services from brands that violated personal values. Businesses need to rethink their strategies and play their…